Pagani Will Release An Electric Car In 2025 To Fry Your Brain Completely

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Horacio Pagani confirmed that a new Pagani is in the works for 2025 that will be all electric, reports Spanish-language site Autodato. Pagani already breaks our brains with supercars that look like the lovechild of an Le Mans prototype and a UFO from Planet Fancytron. Now they’re going to zap those brains to mush with lightning-fast electric torque.

Pagani is still working on a third model to be powered by a conventionally fueled biturbo engine from AMG. Due to popular demand, that Huayra successor will also have a manual transmission available as an option. However, he also told Autodato that they’re working on a fourth model to be released in 2025 that will be the company’s first all-electric car.

Sadly, Pagani believes that the V12 engines that make supercars like the ones his company makes are becoming less viable as emissions regulations become stricter and more difficult to meet. Because he thinks these engines will only hold out until 2025, he already has a staff of over 20 people working to develop an electric Pagani to release that year.


He is—thankfully—drawing the line at autonomous technology, as it doesn’t fit the kinds of cars Pagani makes. Pagani told Autodato that he builds “toys” which customers buy to enjoy driving. Naturally, a toy built for driving can’t drive itself.

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son of a motherless goat (PSA: wash your hooves)

I already have an electric panini that fries my bread completely.