Photo: Brent Metropolitan Police Service

You need insurance if you want to drive in public. Everyone knows this except, perhaps, the owner of this McLaren 570S.

The McLaren was towed this week in the London borough of Brent, where the car was first spotted missing a front license plate. Then police discovered it also wasn’t insured, making it illegal for the street and destined for the tow pound.

If you look closely at the picture, you can see a sign on the front windshield, explaining the situation.


And, indeed, the Brent Metropolitan Police Service’s Twitter account is a gallery of their efforts to get uninsured vehicles off the streets.


Here’s a Ford Transit:

Here’s a Mercedes C-Class:


Here’s another Ford Transit:

And here’s a Vauxhall Vectra:


The Brent police don’t fuck around when it comes to insurance.