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McLaren Embraces Ugly F1 Halo And Gets Flip Flops Sponsorship

Illustration for article titled McLaren Embraces Ugly F1 Halo And Gets Flip Flops Sponsorship

It looks like Formula One’s new halo is a big step forward for safety in the sport. Also, it looks hideous. But at least McLaren is embracing that their once-lovely F1 cars have giant protective flip flops on them, by partnering with a flip flop company for charity.


The company in question is Gandys and the project includes branding on McLaren’s halo as well as a McLaren-branded flip flop, as explains:

McLaren has announced a new partnership with Gandys, a British lifestyle brand founded by brothers Rob and Paul Forkan after their parents died in the December 2004 tsunami that struck southeast Asia.

Gandys’ success enabled the Forkan brothers to open a charitable foundation called Orphans For Orphans in Sri Lanka, where their parents were killed, and the company and its charity work has continued to grow since.


Gandys will also produce a special McLaren-inspired flip-flop, dubbed a “halo edition” by the team, with 100% of profits going to the Orphans For Orphans foundation.


Honestly, the best part of F1 these days is the self-deprecating Brits who make fun of themselves through it all.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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I don’t get why people thing this is ugly. Doesn’t look bad to me (relative to an F1 car which is pretty ugly anyway [its beauty is in its functionality]).