Here's A Reminder That Development Mules Are The Coolest Cars In Existence

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Here’s a little reminder from Singer Vehicle Design that pre-production development mules are the coolest cars in existence.


Singer is currently working on what is possibly one of the most wonderful engine designs in years, a 500 horsepower naturally-aspirated, air-cooled flat six developed in part by Williams the F1 team.



We’ve seen Singer doing some testing work with a development mule for the car before, with some 1970s bodywork on it before.

And we’ve seen Singer show off what it plans for the final car to look like, completely skinned in its typical backdated bodywork.


But this is the first we’re seeing of what must be a cold-weather testing mule. (That or it’s just an excuse to drive on a frozen lake. Can’t blame them if it is.)

What I like about this thing is that Singer cars might look like 1970s 911s, they’re based on the Porsche 964 chassis from the late ‘80s in the the early ‘90s. With this mule, we get to see a mix of 964 body along with patches of backdated panels and fenders as well. This is the one that looks the most like it was put together by Mad Max, if Mad Max was a Porsche guy out to get revenge on a gang of sportbike riders who killed his fastest lap time.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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