Whip Out The LM002, It's Rambo Lambo Track Day Time

Image: statesidesupercars (YouTube)
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The Lamborghini LM002 is the best Lamborghini ever made, hands down, don’t @ me, bro. The other Lambos are nice, but none are as ready for the impending apocalypse as the good ol’ Rambo Lambo. The LM002 isn’t just a marvel off road, either. Here’s one at a track day with its tamer fellow Lamborghinis.


With a ridiculously powerful V12 up front, a manual transmission and tires bigger than a New York City apartment, there’s simply nothing the Rambo Lambo can’t do.

Well, except maybe fit into a compact parking space without crushing the two cars next to said space. We’d hoon it, regardless.

This 5,952-pound heavy-duty ultra-truck went out on the TT Circuit Assen and hilariously appears to have held its own once everyone was let loose for faster laps. Just over 300 LM002s were ever made, so clearly, you should drive it like a nutcase if you ever get that rare, rare chance.

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“This 5,952 heavy-duty ultra-truck”

That’s a lot of duties...or trucks?