I Like The USA Today Take On The New Lamborghini Urus Better Than The Real Thing

After more than half a decade in development, the new 2019 Lamborghini Urus SUV finally dropped today. And it’s, uh... something. But I really like the version USA Today revealed to the world earlier this morning.


As you can see, this USA Today version of the Urus is surprisingly old school. It’s an aggressive, boxy off-roading vehicle not far off from the original Humvee. And on the inside, this Lamborghini eschews infotainment screens and all the newest and fanciest tech for analog gauges, actual buttons and a five-speed manual.

Should be a great way to capitalize on this supercar SUV boom! I certainly want one, naturally aspirated V12 and all.

Update 2 p.m.: They fixed it.


Thanks for the tips!

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