We Slept In An 18-Wheeler And It's Way Better Than You Think

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People say that the self-driving cars of the future will be just living rooms on wheels. But those people are fools, because they underestimate how easily you can already live in a car—especially if that car is huge. We know this. We’ve slept in vans before, but we’ve never experienced any mobile lodging as grand as this Volvo Trucks 18-wheeler.


As part of our man Jason Torchinsky’s visit to the Volvo Trucks plant in Virginia, they allowed him a stay for one night inside a big rig for the “full trucking experience.” (It was our idea, by the way. Not Volvo’s. But kudos to them for being good sports, and as EIC of Jalopnik, allow me to apologize for any unpleasant lingering smells.)

Here’s what Jason himself had to say:

I’ve slept in motels far, far worse than this, though they really do need to figure out some kind of urine management system beyond peeing out the door onto a parking lot.

It’s better than some of the motels I’ve put on our expense account, I can tell you that.

Editor-in-Chief at Jalopnik. 2002 Toyota 4Runner.


Margin Of Error

for the “full trucking experience.”

So they called him a hooker ?