Here's Everything You Need To See From The Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show wrapped up last week and, as usual, it was one of the most interesting and exciting auto shows of the year. You’ve read and watched all of our takes on stuff like the new Toyota Supra, electric Porsches and the born-again Lagonda brand, but now it’s time to hear from everyone’s favorite semi-retired British motoring journalist.

We’re big fans of Harry Metcalfe here, the guy behind Harry’s Garage, consultant to Jaguar Special Projects and formerly of EVO Magazine, and his Geneva Motor Show walk-around videos could qualify as the best automotive content produced on YouTube all year.

It may just be a guy walking around serving truth to cars and brands, but it’s more than just funny. It’s simultaneously relaxing and intriguing, and Harry’s honesty and insightfulness on the industry and his wealth of knowledge and history is always entertaining.


It’s better than almost any podcast, you know, except for the one we’re putting together, and I can’t think of a better way to spend almost an hour learning about cars.

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