Aston Martin Is Planning Yet Another Mid-Engine Hypercar To Kick McLaren's Ass

Pictured: the old Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Grand Turismo Concept
Pictured: the old Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Grand Turismo Concept

People can claim cars and car enthusiasts are dying out, but Aston Martin is surging ahead with its recent revitalization with plans to offer not just the Valkyrie hypercar and upcoming mid-engine Ferrari 488 rival, but also yet another million-dollar mid-engine hypercar to take on whatever McLaren plans to do next.

We’ve heard a trickle of talk about how McLaren is bringing on the successor to the F1 and P1, and how its returning to the three-seated layout, possibly at a price in excess of $2 million, and hit 243 MPH. That sounds incredible, and now Aston Martin would like to play the same game.

Speaking to Autocar, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer confirmed that the company is developing a new top-tier hypercar tentatively referred to as the “brother” of the Valkyrie project. From Autocar:

Confirming the project, Aston boss Andy Palmer said: “It’s correct - we have more than one mid-engined project underway - more than two, if you count the Valkyrie. This new project will draw on all the know-how we’ve taken from the Valkyrie, as well as some of its visual identity and engineering capability, and bring it to a new sector of the market.”


Aston Martin’s development partnership with Red Bull Racing is expected to continue for the Valkyrie, 488 rival and this new top-level mid-engine hypercar.

The new car is set to be a rival to what McLaren is cooking, and Aston hopes to set the benchmark for the next generation of ridiculous million dollar hypercars. I’m not sure they’ll hit McLaren’s 243 MPH, but I hope they try.

I don’t know what changed at Aston, but the reveal of the new Lagonda brand at Geneva, the beautiful DB11 and new Vantage, the Valkyrie, and now all of this? Damn. OK, I lied, I actually do know. It’s that Aston is making money now, and it’s living out its dreams.

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They are no longer just a fancy premium brand, now their performance backs them up. I am actually excited for what’s coming from Aston.