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Oh, Honey

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This has been making the rounds on the great interconnected-compu-net, and it’s just so stunningly, sublimely awful and unfortunate that I thought we had a duty to present it here, so all of you can look upon it and die, just a little, inside.

It first came to my attention via a post on The Cheap Offroader’s Facebook page:


This brings up so many, many questions. Clearly, neither the tattoo-er or the tattoo-ee, even if they were on Tatooine, could have ever actually driven a car with a manual. I mean, they just couldn’t have, right?

Maybe if they only ever drove one of those Corvettes with the skip-shift bullshit, and didn’t realize they were going from first to fourth?


No, not even then.

How did this happen? If no one involved had ever driven stick, at least not enough to see the pretty glaring errors here, why did the person even want a shift pattern tattoo in the first place? Did they just want something to balance out the PRNDL tattoo on their other wrist?

I’m absolutely baffled. Always double-check anything you’re going to have needled into your skin permanently, pals. It’s worth it.

I’ve tried to hunt down the original source of this image, but so far no luck. I’ll update if I find anything out, though part of me thinks maybe it’s best to leave this an anonymous secret.