Our favorite low-ass bridge is back in the news, boys! Who is the unlucky victim this time? The United States Army, of course. Look, the U.S. Army might be formidable in other parts of the world, but not against this bridge.

New and delicious video footage surfaced earlier this month, showing a U.S. Army LMTV truck with its top covered by a tarp attempting to pass beneath the 11-foot, eight-inch bridge without harm. Clearly, the driver misjudged exactly how low the low-ass bridge is and scraped the top of the truck very hard against the infrastructure demon.

In the video’s caption, uploader yovo68 mentioned that they “received a communication from a source at the U.S. Army that ‘the tarp that struck the bridge was covering a weapons mount.’” There was no mention of a food source hidden within the truck, as this is clearly what the ravenous bridge was after the whole time.


If you’re new to our love affair with the low-ass bridge, please be sure to brush up on how it’s ruined peoples’ days in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and January 2018.

(h/t to Jason! and via We Are The Mighty)

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