Low-Ass Bridge Gives Red Light Runner A Taste Of Instant Karma

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The crashes at the 11-foot-8-inch bridge were funny at first. Then, when the city of Durham, North Carolina, added several warning lights and signs, the crashes became sad. Now they’re so sad, they’ve looped right back around into being hilarious again.

This particular crash happened last weekend. Not only did the driver of this truck peel the top of their haul off like a tuna can, they did it while running a red light. Brilliant. If the driver had slowed down, they might have seen the multiple signs warning them that the truck was too tall.

Jürgen Henn has been documenting the crashes since 2008, when he set up a camera to point down at the low bridge from his office. Since then, he’s recorded over 100 crashes in the same spot. His website, dedicated to the problematic overhang, shows proof that the bridge has been a pain point for truckers passing through Durham since the 1950s.


So be cautious when you’re driving through Durham. There’s a bridge on the loose and it’s hungry.