Foolish Truck Has Every Opportunity To Not Crash Into Low-Ass Bridge

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

And yet.

This is the 11' 8" bridge, famous for taking the top off of poorly-aware box truck drivers. The bridge recently put up even more warning signs than before to absolutely positively prevent any truck driver from missing the fact that a low, low bridge stands before them.

But apparently that wasn’t enough for the person behind the wheel of this vehicle.


I need to just stand on this street corner at some point and watch the traffic.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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Margin Of Error

That bridge is a real issue. Unfortunately it is a rail bridge, so modifying the height would mean to work the terrain one mile each side to keep the gradient as is, which is quite expensive.

Can’t they just dig the street a bit to make it lower ?