Some people think that when you start doing something new, you should start with the easiest aspect of it as possible. Not true. If you start on Level 10, you become an expert that much faster. Which is why I commend soon-to-be member of the British royal family Meghan Markle on her decision to both learn to drive stick and do it in a right-hand drive car.


It’s not just a practical skill, either. There’s a security aspect of it, reports the Daily Mail. Markle will reportedly learn evasive driving techniques as part of a security training program. The Mail notes that Markle, who has spent time driving only in the U.S. and Canada, didn’t know how to drive stick or a right-hand drive car.

Girl, I feel you on that second part.


From the story:

Although all royalty protection vehicles are now automatics, it is important, say sources, that Miss Markle is able to drive a manual as well should she need to in an emergency.

The revelations about her driving lessons came as it emerged Miss Markle has taken part in a mock kidnap by SAS troops as part of her preparation for joining the Royal Family. Soldiers used live ammunition and the actress was put through her paces in a series of gruelling exercises as part of the two-day course.

It was devised to ensure she is prepared for all possible emergencies, including being taken hostage in a terror attack. One former SAS officer told the Sunday Express the course at the SAS HQ in Herefordshire had been ‘devised to frighten the life out of anyone’.

So, her fiancee, Prince Harry, is helping her learn. An unnamed source told the Mail that Markle is practicing on the grounds of her home at Kensington Palace. And she reportedly is very open to the idea of being able to drive herself around in the UK in the future.

Listen, learning to drive a stick for the first time on a right-hand drive car while re-orienting yourself to a country that drives on the left and learning evasive maneuvers? Mad props to Markle! That doesn’t sound easy.

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