I am a huge fan of all the old cool wheels you’d see on rally cars and touring cars racing from the ‘70s through the ‘90s, and I just assumed that they we all out of production, like all the BMW E30s in heaven right now. I was extremely wrong!

As it turns out, Compomotive in the UK is still selling all of its cool old wheels.


This all started when I was trying to identify some big center locks (centre locks) on a 1990s BTCC Toyota. At first I thought they were OZ wheels, but then that brought me to the Compomotive, which produces the TH series of wheels, probably the best rally wheel of its era.

But then!


More rally wheels. Dig these STR Stratos coffins.


And these TH2s ready for a Lancia Delta Integrale.


And these classic five-spoke MO5s.

The only thing I have trouble figuring out is how to buy these in America, as the Compomotive website alludes to dealers in the USA, but the last post I can find about anything like that is fifteen52 distributing them. Now fifteen52 sells a number of wheels that look like Compos, but are not.


I may have to restrict myself to dreaming of Methods and Braids for my American rally wheel dreams, which is probably fine. Will I keep dreaming about Compomotives? Yes. Extremely yes. That these things are available is tearing my brain apart.

Why did nobody tell me this? What did I do to you? If I did something wrong, just let me know. Don’t hide these things from me. Don’t torture me. I don’t deserve this.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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