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Are you guys ready for some truly weird stuff? Because I’ve just spent my morning reading all of your outlandish road trip stories and I feel like I survived through an episode of The Twilight Zone.


As a quick refresher, I put out a call for your strangest road trip tales last week. Did you meet some odd folks, see a UFO or talk to a ghost? The world is big and its roads are long; chances are high that you’d run into something weird eventually.


I was driving with my dad through Boston once and we were getting onto the highway via one of those big, sweeping on-ramps. In the paved space in that center area of the on-ramp there was a car that was just on fire. Nobody near it, no other cars around it. Just that one. On fire.

Obviously, we kept going because we were in the middle of an on-ramp, but what the hell man! I phoned the police to tell them about it and never heard anything about it again.

Anyway, here are your stories.

White Rocks (WhiskeySnob)

This is so cool!


Horsing Around (GreyPheonix)

I, too, find my horse to be a suitable alternative to my car.


Foreign (Doctor Bill)

This is some aggressive road rage!


A Proposal (Opa Brummbaer)

Worth losing a sleeping bag over.


A Japan Story (I’m in the middle of some calibrations)

In which the language barrier was no problem at all.


Richard (Rowan Day - Master of None)

Poor Richard.


Moon (Carl C.)

Don’t write checks your ass can’t cash, friend!


Morse Code? (AgitatedOne)

SOS is the only one I know.


Impromptu Meetup (LTT)

Now that’s some spontaneity!


Terrifying (49 Cars and Counting)

I got chill from this one.


Sausage (Joe Darté)

You guys get all the doggie karma.


Thanks Grant! (JustToldMyParentsImGray)

What a nice guy.


Turtle Crossing (Hoo)

That ending though.


Messing With The Locals (Kaiser Khan)

They’re still telling stories about you, I guarantee it.


Evel! (redseca2)

Small world.

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