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Watch A Scottish Bus Driver Drift Her Way Through A Near Miss Like A Double-Decker God

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s miserable weather in Scotland right now, which is making driving conditions pretty terrible, which is what caused this absolutely insane near-miss between a double-decker bus and a stuck car. Incredibly, the only accidents reported are the ones that likely occurred in every pair of pants in all vehicles involved, thanks to the remarkable bus-drifting skills of the driver, Charmaine Laurie.


The almost-wreck happened on the Edinburgh city bypass, which was hard hit with winter weather, making conditions highly treacherous.

Laurie, 45, was driving at a prudent 15-20 MPH when she crested a hill and saw the stuck car right in front of her. Laurie described the scene to the Edinburgh Evening News,

“I touched the brake and as soon as I did the back end slid out so I took my foot off and just guided it through the space that was there.”


Laurie somehow managed to control the top-heavy, double-decker leviathan in a smooth controlled drift around the stuck car, like a boss, and managed to get it back on track and not hit the other nearby car, which was recording the scene on dashcam.

The driver’s commentary is about as elegant and apt a description of the video as I can imagine.

When Laurie returned to the bus depot, she didn’t realize how famous her driving maneuver had become, and was greeted by cheers, because you goddamn right she deserves some cheers.

Mighty fine bus-drifting there, Charmaine.