Let This Screaming GSX-R1000 Swapped Fiat X1/9 Echo Off Every Hill

Few things sound as awesome as 12,000 RPM wailing out of a little car.

Vincenzo “V-Max” Manganiello, who drives this ultra-special tube-frame Fiat X1/9 like he stole it. It’s as fun to watch him hustle this crazy little thing as it is to listen to.


The tube-frame car isn’t the only lightweight trick at work here. Inside is the insanely loud motorcycle engine from a Suzuki GSX-R1000, good for around 200 horsepower at 12,000 RPM, according to HillClimb Monsters’ YouTube description. The entire car weighs just 1,102 lbs.

I’m pretty sure you’d be able to hear this from Italy.

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I see your FIAT X1/9 and raise you one Opel Kadett with a flat-plane LT5:

Yes. These maniacs took the engine from a C4 ZR-1 and found a way to make it even sexier. The car weighs 750 kg and the engine produces 750 HP. Revs to 9500 RPM, though they have plans to take it to 10,000 and 800 HP.

Cockpit view of the same car: