Punishing Snow Traps Hundreds Of Drivers On Scotland Roadway

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An intense snowstorm hammered the United Kingdom on Wednesday, leaving hundreds of helpless drivers in Scotland stranded on a roadway overnight.


Emergency crews were still out Thursday morning, according to the BBC, trying to free the 300 remaining cars on M80 in Scotland. About 1,000 vehicles were stuck on the motorway overnight, the news outlet reports.


For some motorists, the past 24 hours have been utterly dreadful, per the BBC:

Some motorists said they had spent up to 18 hours on the road, but snow ploughs are now beginning clear the carriageway.

Their job has been made more difficult by the number of abandoned cars.

A red warning of potential risk to life expired at 10:00, but people are still being urged not to travel, and roads across the country remain treacherous.

All but a handful of ScotRail services are still cancelled, with the rail operator hoping to start a “limited” service later in the day - although that has not yet happened.

Photos and videos from around the area make it seem totally unpleasant.


At least some drivers made the best of the situation:


Parts of England are expected to experience blizzard-like conditions throughout today, reports The Guardian. Stay safe out there.

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Some English colleagues and I drove south from Paris one night in steady snow years ago. The going started to get a bit dicey so the decision was made to turn the wheel over to the guy from Manitoba. They then slept and I did 80 mph in the snow for the remaining 150 miles (the Autoroutes were virtually deserted). I laugh at your Eurostorms, and fart in their general direction. Seriously though, growing up in a severe winter climate gives you a big leg up in the snow. Knowing when to get off the road and say fuck it is a useful skill too. As well, despite forecasters seeming only able to forecast accurately sunup and sundown, they are actually pretty good at forecasting major weather systems. I haven’t been caught off guard by a storm in 47 years of driving.