Next Up On Jalopnik Movie Club: Watch Gone In 60 Seconds This Weekend

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Are you excited for the weekend? Do you have any big plans? Whether or not you do, find time to watch Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie steal cars in the Gone In 60 Seconds remake this weekend for Jalopnik Movie Club!


You’ve heard of Jalopnik Movie Club, right? It’s the weekly series where we argue about cars, argue about movies, and argue about cars in movies. You all write in before Wednesday with your take on the movie and the cars, and then we publish all of the takes and opinions in one big group review.


This past week we reviewed Smokey And The Bandit, and it was great. This upcoming week, we’re reviewing Gone In 60 Seconds from 2000. You know the one. If you already have a formed opinion on the movie, or you plan on watching it, be sure to email in your review to justin at jalopnik dot com.

If you want a clue on what to send in:


Subject: Jalopnik Movie Club

Body: [Your Kinja username if you have one!]

[Your hot movie take!]

[A movie suggestion for a future review!]

If you missed last week’s review and want an idea of how it all works, check it out here.

Now get busy! Send in your takes! Show off your movie knowledge! Defend the movie with honor, or tear it to pieces! And then check back on Wednesday for the full review. Have a good weekend!

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