Kia is keeping its dreams of selling more than a few dozen super premium sedans alive with a replacement for the K900. Now it’s the 2019 Kia K9, and Auto Evolution managed to find a bunch of leaked images from what appears to be the new K9's brochure ahead of the car’s official debut.


When I was at dinner with a few Kia product planners and executives for a chance to drive the AWD 2019 Stinger and the new 2019 Sorento a couple of weeks ago, I asked why Kia was still bothering with a K900 successor. They responded that they think there’s still opportunity for them in the luxury limousine segment, up against cars like the 7 Series, A8 and S-Class.


Then I asked if Hyundai moving into the luxury segment and Genesis being spun off as its own luxury brand was like the three brands showing up to prom all wearing the same dress, and they conceded that my metaphor was perfect for their current situation.

Anyway, Auto Evolution has more images you can find here, as well as some details for the K9 going on sale in Korea, which may or may not be the same details for what will be available in the U.S. We’ll find out soon enough.

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