These Nuts Are Building A Caster-Wheeled Drift Cart Out Of A Volvo V70 Chopped In Half

The mad scientists at Hoonigan are big fans of caster-wheeled Crazy Carts—the cool little toys made for drifting—but Crazy Carts just don’t have enough power. So, they’re taking a front-wheel-drive Volvo V70, hacking it in half and making their own giant Crazy Cart for lunatic grown-ups.

While I hate to see a good longroof get chopped in half, Dan at least says he wants to reinstall the hatch so it still sort of looks like a wagon. Dan’s champagne wagon is worse for wear after years of love. The transmission skips a little, and worse yet for a bunch of Los Angelenos, it won’t pass smog testing anymore.

But it’s still a front-wheel-drive wagon, so the important parts—specifically, the Volvo’s turbo five-cylinder engine and its drive wheels—are all up front. While most of us are content to pop a couple cafeteria trays under the rear wheels and donut to our hearts’ content, the Hoonigans just chopped the rear of the car off entirely.

Have I ever professed my love for plasma cutters before? Here’s an excellent example of why I love plasma cutters. If you never need to chop out a large metal chunk of your car, a plasma cutter is what you need.


They’re even adding a caster in front of the car in case the car wheelies—inspired by a common rad monster truck stunt, of course. But first, they’ve got to test everything out with half a car. These test runs are incredibly sketchy, but would we expect any less from the Hoonigans? Nah.

You can follow along with this insane build over on Hoonigans’ YouTube channel if you want to follow it until the very sideways end.

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