The Jalopnik Bump Works Even When You Add The Sticker Right Before The Race

All photos credit Kurt Bradley.

Tom O’Gorman wanted a Jalopnik sticker on his Tomo Racing Honda Civic Si the second he saw me at a pre-race party, but I thought I was all out. Then we found a couple more at the bottom of Kurt’s bag, and gave O’Gorman the bump for today’s Pirelli World Challenge TCA race at Circuit of the Americas.


We rushed the extra sticker over to O’Gorman’s pits this morning, and put it right on a noticeable front corner of the car. It not only stayed on for the whole race without getting bumped off by any over-aggressive competitors—it was way out in front of the TCA class for most of the race, even after a restart bunched up the field.

Congratulations, Tom, and our apologies for not delivering the bump for yesterday’s race.

We should really invest in a vinyl cutter or something, I guess.

Turquoise glasses add at least 5 horsepower.

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