Watch This Probably Fake Video Of A Russian Guy Cutting The Corner Off A Car So He Can Park

First of all, this is almost certainly staged. The car that gets angle-ground is an old, bumperless Lada, the most likely sacrificial car of the ones seen in the video. Even with that in mind, this is still a nice and ridiculous thing to actually see happen, as it pretty much realizes a fantasy all of us have had when encountering some jackass who’s parked diagonally across two spaces.

Here, look:

It’s not entirely clear what’s going on at first here. It looks like the cameraperson is inspecting a crack in their bumper cover when they notice the guy in the Ford getting an angle grinder out of the trunk, and making their way to the diagonally-parked Lada.


The angry car-slicer makes a pretty nice cut on that Lada, cutting the corner off quite cleanly, avoiding heavy frame rails and the gas tank and other difficult stuff. It’s almost as if he—somehow—planned this.

Hopefully the Lada owner will fill the hole with a huge triangular taillight unit or something, and enjoy their new, asymmetrically compact car.

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