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AJ Foyt Attacked By Killer Bees Again, Kills Bees With Fire

Gif: AJ Foyt

A.J. Foyt is a tough son of a bitch who is probably too mean to die. The latest evidence is a bee attack he endured Wednesday at his Texas ranch. He was hospitalized overnight, but released on Thursday, according to Racer. That’s when he used 15 gallons of diesel to let the bees cook.


AJ Foyt has won just about everything in American racing, finishing first at Indy four times and winning a Daytona 500, while also finding time to go to France to win 24 Hours of Le Mans. The bees should’ve known better, in other words. If you come at the king, don’t miss.

Here’s Racer:

“It was scary, I won’t lie,” Foyt told RACER on Thursday evening while sitting in his race shop in Waller, Texas. “I pushed down a tree with my bulldozer and thought I saw a bunch of honey bees, but they weren’t.

“So I threw it in reverse and got away from them. At least I thought I did. I got off the dozer and had about a block to walk to my truck when they came swarming down on me.

“I started running and made it to my truck and I got the windows down going about 60 mph trying to keep them off my face but they’re stinging my eyes and my neck, and I’m glad I had a jacket on.”


Dramatic uncut amateur footage was captured of the incident. Viewer discretion is advised:

We’re still unsure as to why onlookers bashed his knees in with a hammer.

Foyt was taken to the hospital, where doctors found that he had high blood pressure which eventually stabilized, and he was released after staying overnight. This is Foyt’s second bee attack, following an incident in 2005,when he was stung over 200 times on his head alone, according to the Associated Press.

This time, the 83-year-old Foyt made sure the bees wouldn’t walk. He killed the, and he killed them with fire:

“They sent my airplane for me but I told them I wasn’t going home until I killed those bees,” he said. “We got 15 gallons of diesel fuel and dropped it and set those bastards on fire. I felt a lot better after that.”


I would wish A.J. well and good luck, but A.J. doesn’t need it. His latest film is titled Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, where he plays the voice of Superman. 

News Editor at Jalopnik. 2008 Honda Fit Sport.

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Hey, Foyt, go fuck yourself. What gives you the right to exterminate an organism that attacked you because it was defending itself? Bees don’t just randomly attack people for fun.

Fuck off, prick.