Two Big Bentleys And A Little Honda Civic Type R Have The Jalopnik Bump This Weekend

The Jalopnik Bump isn’t just our blessing to go forth and dominate. It’s known to propel racing teams to a decent result, if not an outright win*. If you’re tuning in to Pirelli World Challenge this weekend, pay close attention to the K-Pax Bentley Continental GT3s and the Team HMA Civic Type R.

K-Pax’s GT and GTA-class Bentleys didn’t have the best time at the St. Petersburg season opener, leaving them with one car so damaged they had to swap everything into a spare shell to run for this round. However, they’re running the longer SprintX round this time, and have the help of Bentley factory drivers Andy Soucek and Maxime Soulet in addition to usual dudes Alvaro Parente and Rodrigo Baptista.


Also, they’ve got a Jalopnik sticker on both the No. 3 and No. 9 this weekend. That should help.

Additionally, I snuck in a bump so fresh that we haven’t even gotten nicer photos of it yet. Team HMA is a former Hoon of the Day for building a race car out of a Honda Odyssey minivan, and like Ohio-based Daytona/Sebring bump-havers HART, they all hold down normal day jobs at Honda’s Alabama facilities.

For PWC, they’ve turned a Honda Civic Type R—one of our favorite new cars to come out in a long, long time—into a TC-class race car, driven by Honda engineer Josh Foran. It’s their debut race, and the team mentioned yesterday that this particular Civic Type R used to be a press car, so we figured they’d need all the luck they can get for it.


We’ll blaming wholly fictional car pub Road & Travis if they break, but hopefully the Jalopnik bump will see them through to at least a good finish for the Type R’s first outing.

You can follow along with the series via their live stream on the website, and get the full schedule for the weekend here. We’re also hanging out at COTA all weekend, so say hi if you see a little blue bunny sticking out of a purse.


*Editor’s note: Results extremely not guaranteed, your mileage may vary, the exact opposite may in fact happen, we are not responsible for weather, dogs on track, acts of God, or any bad tweets you may put out there. 

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Obfuscatio: philosopher at large

Autocross season is approaching. Quickly!

Whereabouts might an old campaigner returning to the sport acquire a sticker or two for said bump?

(STS prepped ‘90 Civic Si - “Veronica” - in slightly better shape than her pilot.)