Watch A Guy Turn The Back Of His Tiny Electric Car Into A Fully Functioning Kitchen

Screenshot: Kiwi EV Adventures

Have you ever thought, huh, my car needs a kitchen? I haven’t, personally, but you know someone has. Like, what if, you put a car in your kitchen? You’d be a big dumb idiot that’s what. Still, one man recently thought having an operational kitchen in your car was a good idea, and put his efforts on film.

This fellow installed a fully functional kitchen in a perfectly good Peugeot iOn. Poor Peugeot. Now, I can see the uses here, obviously, if you’re camping. But I’m of the opinion that we’ve made too much progress as a society to still be sleeping outside. Still, it’s a pretty ingenious set up for those on-the-go crepe-making sessions, or when you just absolutely need to grill up some cheese while stuck in traffic.


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