The Most Important Things You Should Know About Fixing Your Own Car

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Here’s some good news: You aren’t always at the mercy of your dealership or auto repair shop. If the repair or replacement is small enough, chances are good that you can probably do it yourself. Just do your research to be sure.

Last week, I asked you guys for the most important things you should learn how to fix on your car. Obviously, the number one thing was learning how to change your blinker fluid. (I joke.)


Once you learn the basic ins and outs of your car, you’ll feel a lot more confident taking a wrench to it. And a lot of times, it doesn’t even involve a wrench! You just need your fingers. Or a screwdriver.


These are the most useful self-fixes you should learn to do yourself. It’ll could save you a bunch of money the next time your car needs maintenance. And remember, you can never research too much. Understand everything there is to understand first.

Start Simple (andyindividual)

Leave the hood opening for when you get a little more experience.


Weird & Unique (Teh Penguin of Doom)

That quirk you love so much? At least learn as much as you can about it.


Tools (DE2000)

Believe it or not, tools make a big difference!


The Basics (Brad Landers)

Jump starts, batteries/alternators and coolant.


Air Filters And Wiper Blades (patpcs1)

Don’t get intimidated by this stuff.


Big To Small (Vortex Garage)

From someone who’s done it a lot.


Be Realistic (DesertHorse)

Ambition is good, but you also need to be honest with what’s in the scope of possibility.


Attitude Is Key (EasternPacific)

Keep an open mind and a cool head. Be patient.


Owner’s Manual (Entropywins)

That book your car came with? There’s useful information in there.


Headlights (smmy15643)

Also how to read a check engine code.


Hard Reset (Miss Mercedes ♥✈ smart Car Girl)

It’s frankly amazing how things will jump back to normal after you do this.


Battery Terminals (Turbo T)

Just make sure you look up where they are.


Last But Not Least... (Rude Negro)

Youtube all of the things! Chris Fix has a really good channel for this stuff.

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