Here's How A 7'7" Basketball Teen Gets Into A Small Car

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Robert Bobroczkyi is 17 years old and already speaks three languages fluently. He taught himself to play piano purely through videos on Youtube, and he’s get a predilection for magic tricks. He’s also 7-foot, 7-inch, an inch taller than Yao Ming, and this is how he gets into a car.

Here’s the thing about this test, as well. The Hyundai Accent, while it is technically a “compact” car, it’s not absurdly small. It’s fine. It should fit most adults just peachy, with an official legroom measurement of 42 inches for adults in the front seat.


But that’s not Bobroczky. Here’s hoping he makes it to the NBA, where he can afford to be driven in an extended wheelbase Rolls-Royce Phantom, or something.

Also, just for fun, here’s his basketball highlights:

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I feel bad for this guy.