This Might Be The Best-Looking Electric Car I've Ever Seen

Photo: All images LVCHI

I’ll just say it: The LVCHI Venere might be the prettiest electric car I’ve laid eyes on. Hell, it’s one of the prettiest cars I’ve ever seen period. Look at this motherfucker.

LVCHI is a Chinese startup that I’ve never heard of before, but sometimes life can surprise you. They unveiled the Venere, designed by an Italian firm, at the Geneva Motor Show this week, and I love pretty much everything about it, starting with the logo. What’s that, you say? It’s a cheap rip-off of Thundercats and Transformers? Who gives a fuck, it’s awesome:

Photo: LVCHI

It also has suicide doors. Fuck yeah.

The rear also looks great. What’s that? It’s pretty similar to a Kia Stinger, you say? Who cares. This is better.


How about the interior? Oh, it looks pretty cool too. With screens everywhere, but embedded more naturally than we’re used to.


LVCHI says the Venere will go from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. Its max speed is 177 mph, which is about as fast as you need to go. It’s made of all carbon fiber. It has four motors, one for each wheel. Its battery capacity is 100 KWh, or as much as Tesla’s largest. It will be manufactured in Turin, Italy, and sold in 2019, according to LVCHI. They did not say where, but I’m guessing China to begin with. I have no idea whether this car will ever actually appear in any great numbers in this increasingly dark world of ours but I’m grateful to have seen it today. Thank you LVCHI. TGIF.


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