All photos credit: Jamie (BlueManual6wagon)

Jeep is busy dominating the global market, and when it comes to new models specifically tailored for other countries, it would seem its not too shy about its prototypes. Here’s what’s most likely the new Jeep Grand Commander for the Chinese market.


The pictures you see were taken by our tipster, Jamie (BlueManual6wagon), who spotted what Car & Driver reports is likely the new seven-seater Jeep Grand Ctommander for the Chinese market, as they also spotted it in Ann Arbor.

The Grand Commander is said to be based on the Yuntu concept from last year and is essentially a revised Grand Cherokee with more seats.

And we all thought for a second this was supposed to be the new Grand Wagoneer. Hopefully Jeep provides something with a little more presence when the time for the U.S. Wagoneer comes.

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