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For all you Bentley Bentayga owners out there, Mulliner can now fit a bio-metric security storage box in your car. To be fair, it’s a very cool idea because, as you know, I love little compartments inside cars. It really sounds like some science fiction stuff.

The fingerprint sensor will open the door to a “high pressure, die-cast aluminum secure stowage unit,” according to a company press release. It can be programmed to recognize multiple fingerprints and honestly would probably be more convenient than locking and unlocking the glove box every single time you want to use it.


Here’s the thing, though: It looks tiny! Bentley didn’t provide any dimensions for the storage unit, but these are some press photos showing a man putting his watch in there for safekeeping. It doesn’t look like there’s room for much else.

Anyway. What is something that small that I couldn’t be bothered to carry on my person as well? A wallet? No, you shouldn’t really go anywhere without your wallet. A cell phone? You shouldn’t really go anywhere without that, either. Sunglasses? If you need to hide your sunglasses as a Bentayga owner, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

Maybe as a place to keep your car-specific TomTom, Garmin or iPod, the box makes sense. Oh wait! Nobody has any of that stuff anymore, especially not someone with a Bentley. The Bentayga has its own navigation system and your phone has all your music on it now.


What is this box actually for? SOMEONE TELL ME. Is it... is it for drugs?


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