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Someone Just Paid $22,750 For This Absurdly Pristine 2000 Honda Civic Si

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Seeing a car that once populated my high school parking lot—a 2000 Honda Civic Si—sell for $22,750 is proof that Bring A Trailer is out of control. This is a car that usually fetches sub-five-digit prices, or so I thought. Sure, this one only had 10,439 miles, but it also sold for almost as much as a new Civic Si.

The 2017 Civic Si Patrick tested at the end of last year started at $23,900. As tested with a few key options, it came to $24,775. This 2000 (2000!) Civic went for just $2,025 less than that nicely optioned press car.


Is this how old people feel when they see Bel Airs, Mustangs and other winga-dinga-era cars of their youth sell for absurd amounts at Mecum and the like? I’m just staring at this listing in awe wondering why. It’s a genuinely pretty yet normal car, and kudos to the seller for making bank, but why?


Did the previous owner hate fun? Joy? Nice-driving sport compact cars? Why would you just let a pretty red Civic with a five-speed manual transmission sit so often that it only has 10,439 miles in 18 years? Why? How? The listing notes that the owner was a Honda collector, but was there also a barn full of Lotuses sitting next to this good little Civic that kept them from driving this car, or what?

The listing notes that this is an unmodified example with no accidents. Its Milano Red exterior paint and grey cloth interior look brand new, even after nearly two decades. It still has the original 1.6-liter B16A2 VTEC inline-four, which probably still makes close to its original rating of 160 horsepower given how little it’s been used.

This is enough internet for today. Good night. Now would be a good time to convince me not to chuck my computer into Town Lake, as I am having trouble mustering any convincing reason not to do it.


You can browse the full gallery of basically new Civic Si photos on Bring A Trailer here, if you can stand it.