Fireworks Shoot Into Crowd At Monster Jam World Finals

Fireworks shot into a crowd reportedly injured at least two spectators at the annual Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas last week, according to witnesses who spoke to TMZ. The outlet said a man and a woman were “badly” burned by the fireworks, but that their two children were unharmed.

The show was at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas the weekend of March 23 and 24 when a set of fireworks shot into crowd instead of over the racing course as they should have. Monster Jam confirmed the incident itself to Jalopnik, but not the reported injuries or how the mishap might have happened.


While there aren’t many details on what happened, there is video footage. Below is the video obtained by TMZ, and there appears to be another view on YouTube.


Jalopnik asked Monster Jam about the reported injuries, if the company knew the medical status of anyone potentially injured, and whether it had figured out what caused the fireworks to go off in the wrong direction.

Monster Jam provided a statement, without particulars on the incident.

“We did have a firework incident that occurred at Monster Jam World Finals, which we are currently looking into,” the statement said. “Fans who requested medical attention were immediately seen onsite and also tended to by our staff. The safety of our fans is always a priority, and we want them to have an enjoyable experience at the show.”


We’ll update this post if we learn more.

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