The top chassis there was originally designed in 1938. The lower one is brand new, a 2018. There’s 80 years of difference between the two, but there’s an undeniable convergent evolution thing going on as well, right?

The top chassis is, of course, a Volkswagen Beetle (Type I) pan, and the lower one is the new ‘skateboard’ chassis from the electric Jaguar I-Pace.

Beetles have a very simple construction where all of the mechanical parts of the car that make it drive are mounted to a flat ‘pan’ and then the body is bolted to that pan as well.

The Jag has a vaguely similar concept, with all of the batteries and motors in that flat skateboard under the rest of the car.


Technologically, sure, they’re miles apart, but in overall general form? They’re brothers.

I just felt you should be aware of this.