Porsche May Hop Onto The Imaginary Flying Car Bandwagon

This, but a flying robot. Image: Porsche.
This, but a flying robot. Image: Porsche.

Porsche may join the fray of automakers who want to make a car (or at least a taxi) that can fly. C’mon Porsche, I thought you were better than this.

According to a report by Reuters, Porsche’s sales chief Detlev von Platen told German car magazine Automobilwoche that Porsche may be interested in making a flying taxi for a ride-sharing service. This is part of an effort to compete with whoever else decides to make a flying taxi. Geely and Toyota have also announced their interest in the market.

Detlev Von Platen was quoted as saying:

That would really make sense. If I drive from (the Porsche plant in) Zuffenhausen to Stuttgart airport, I need at least half an hour, if I’m lucky. Flying would take only three and a half minutes.


Passengers will not need a pilot’s license to operate the flying taxi as it will be mostly autonomous and summoned via an app or whatever future people use to call robo-taxis from the sky.

Although I doubt Porsche’s plans will come to fruition anytime soon, I am glad the company might be working on something other than money-printing SUVs and variations of the 911.

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