The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Lets You Pretend To Be Steve McQueen For $46,595

Photo: Ford

Several members of the Mustang6G forums are starting to place their orders for the very rad and very green 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt already, so now we know how much it will cost: the base MSRP is $46,595. They also got their hands on the 2019 Mustang order guide, which spells out exactly what you’ll get for that price.

The new Bullitt comes out to $47,495 after the $900 destination and delivery fees, should you choose not to add any extras onto your precious Steve McQueen flick-inspired ‘Stang. Per the order sheet, that price includes everything a Mustang GT has plus a list of trick kit in addition to the Bullitt badges and green stitching, including oil pressure and vacuum gauges, an increased top speed of 163 mph, larger radiator, and larger rear sway bar, among other things. You can view the full list here, if you’re curious.


Of course, the extras list has a few fun things, including Recaro seats, a MagneRide damping system, a vehicle cover, and an electronics package with upgraded infotainment and safety systems plus 3-way memory seats:

Screenshot: Mustang6G

Mustang6G poster vwlfan posted the prices he was given for the different options on the thread as well, and given that his base price (including destination and delivery fees) was in line with others’ orders on the thread, it looks legit:

Base MSRP: $47,495
Electronics Package: $ 2,100
Magneride: $ 1,695
Recaro Seats: $ 1,595
Custom Car Cover: $ 375


You can browse the full order guide PDF on Mustang6G here for the full rundown of what comes standard and what’s an option. It includes every trim of the Mustang out for the next model year, just in case you’re not a fan of the movie.

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