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Jerry Seinfeld Says He Came Up With The Porsche 911 R

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Is Jerry Seinfeld responsible for the Porsche 911 R? Maybe? According to The Drive on an episode of Spike Feresten’s Spike Car Radio podcast, the comedian said that he went to Grant Larson, a Porsche designer, and some of the top brass at Porsche with an idea for a new 911 R.


The 911 R is an ultra-expensive wingless manual 911. Seinfeld, jokingly, explains that he came up with it. He elaborates:

“I wanted to do a custom made, one-off 911 ten years ago Grant [Larson] and I had discussed this and he approached the board. What I wanted to build was a new 911 R, which they refused us. But then, 4-5 years later, aha, the new 911 R appeared.”


I want[ed] a super lightweight, no-wing GT3.

This is mostly in jest and Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t really think he has a lawsuit on his hands. But I wouldn’t mind seeing what other Porsche designs Seinfeld could come up with. That would mean Porsche would have to sever all ties with Vandelay Industries.

Lance Tedford spends his energies working on his 1985 Chrysler LeBaron. He is extremely tall and can never die.

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So I said to Grant, “What’s the deal with the wing?” And he said, “I guess I never thought about it.” “Never thought about?? You’ve got this big honking airfoil sticking off the back. You may as well glue feathers to it and call it a duck. It’s not a duck, is it, Grant?” “No, it’s not a duck, Jerry.” “Well, it just ruins the lines for me. Say, could you have the guys build one like this, but doesn’t look like some sort of duckmobile?” “We’ll look into it, Jerry.” “You do that!”