The BMW 8 Series Was Made To Slide In The Dirt

Image: VenySMoto (YouTube)

Here’s a good idea. Do you own a BMW 8 series? Or are you interested in buying the new one? Take it in the dirt!

Look, we understand that this big beautiful 850i is a recent classic, with its sleek good looks, big magical V12 and relative rarity. That’s all the more reason you should get sideways in the yard.

There’s a certain sadness I feel whenever I see a car that doesn’t get driven or played with. There’s such wonderful potential for these big 8 Series cars to lay down beautiful rear-wheel-drive slides on roads or off. Unless you’ve got some kind of low-mileage, one of one museum piece on your hands, you should probably take it out and enjoy it.

Look up the nearest rallycross and get sideways, 8er-owning amigos. This could be you, making big beautiful slow-mo-captured slides in the dirt! Except, um, you might want to close the sunroof if you don’t want a dirtvalanche pouring into that little crack.


Bonus: the Yamaha WR450F sending it off a jump at the end of Big Bimmer Hoonage Time here is pretty rad, too.

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I can’t agree with this guy’s choice of wheels. The 8 series needs a 90's wheel, not M6 knockoffs.