Police in Lancashire, England, recently pulled over a Vauxhall Signum that was, uh, missing its passenger-side front tire. It’s very understandable, as these things are easy to overlook and hard to notice. The driver was thoughtful enough to use a turn signal when changing lanes, though, in video captured by a witness.

The unidentified driver was charged with “numerous offences,” police said in a tweet.


A witness who got video of the incident told Yahoo News UK that he originally passed the driver on the M55 in northwest England, before stopping along the side of the road to get visual evidence.

British law spells out that four-wheeled cars must have four tires, in addition to outlining the condition that is acceptable for each of those tires. So, you know, just in case this is merely your preferred mode of transportation, The Man is looking to keep you down on this one.


Please don’t drive cars without all of the tires.

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