Hero Pours An Entire Box Of Lucky Charms In A Michigan Pothole And Eats It

Gif: TheAndrewConda (Twitter)

Potholes ruin every car owner’s life, but the ones in Michigan are particularly awful. One pothole was large enough to fit an entire box of Lucky Charms and a whole gallon of milk—which 22-year-old Eastern Michigan University student Andrew ate to our gross-out amusement.


“I saw a really terrible pothole, so I thought I’d make a joke about it,” Andrew told the Detroit Metro Times.

He didn’t know exactly what sparked the idea of eating cereal from a pothole, but he also told the Metro Times that it didn’t take long to rope in his fellow pothole-shaken roommate:

I remember texting my roommate, and I was like, “I just got a great idea.” And he was like, “Oh no, what is it?”

And then I told him and then we both had a laugh about it, and then we went and did it that night.

Nor did it take long for them to find a pothole large enough to do what they wanted: fit an entire box of Lucky Charms and a whole gallon of milk—such that Andrew could take a couple bites. The Detroit Metro Times writes:

“It didn’t take us too long to find that one,” he says of the pothole, which he found in Trenton.

And yes, Andrew confirms he did eat out of it. “I took a couple bites of it, twice, because we took one video but we accidentally deleted it so I had to go eat a little bit more,” he says. “And you know what? Everyone thought it was going to taste bad, that there’d be dirt in it, but it tasted perfectly normal.”

Of his strategy, Andrew says, “I tried to skim off the top.”


Even though the pothole became internet-famous—initially through a respectable number of Snapchat responses but then it blew up on Twitter—you know that no one was in a particularly huge hurry to fix it.


“I drove by it the next day and it still looked like a whole bowl full of milk and cereal,” Andrew told the Detroit Metro Times. “It’s funny.”

We here at Jalopnik commend Andrew for being a true friend to drivers everywhere, however, we do not recommend that you finish off his bowl. Lucky Charms may be the greatest cereal of all time—and don’t fight me because you know I’m right—but there’s no telling what else has mixed in there by now.


Knowing the state of Michigan’s roads, the world’s nastiest bowl of cereal is probably still sitting there. The state synonymous with the American car industry earned a D- grade on the latest American Society of Engineers’ infrastructure report card. That D- certainly feels like they judged on a curve given some of the doozies we’ve seen.


To the state’s credit, a $175 million state spending bill to fund road repairs using money originally intended for next year was fast-tracked for this year because Michigan’s roads were that bad, the Detroit Metro Times notes. Given that “Michigan pothole” has become the “Florida Man” of road-related things that will always flood Jalopnik’s tips inbox, we’ll believe that when we see it. Get to work, Michigan.