Watch Detroit's Massive Potholes Send Cars Spinning Out Of Control

Southeast Michigan is home of some of the worst, most pothole-ridden roads in the country, and earlier this week, those potholes became canyons—canyons that sent cars sliding out of control on black ice.


The video below, captured by Detroit-area news station WDIV Local 4 on Wednesday, shows a number of cars losing control after driving over enormous potholes on I-94 near Detroit’s west side. Watch as some of those vehicles slam into an embankment, while others, somehow, regain their composure and continue onward.

Luckily, the news site says it didn’t see any vehicles collide with one another, and the Michigan Department of Transportation did eventually send someone out to patch the crumbling street, though—despite all the crashes—the road seems to have remained open.

The video is shocking to watch, but no real surprise to those living in the area. Southeast Michigan tends to be plagued by miserable, icy weather this time of year, and potholes abound, regularly claiming tires and wheels, especially from smaller sedans. Still, hopefully authorities will take care of these issues on I-94, seeing as it’s one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares.

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I particularly like the bit at the end where a worker goes out to fill the pothole, but they only block traffic from the far right lane, not the lane where the actual pothole is being filled.

Good luck, worker! Hope you don’t get hit!