Ferrari Is Recalling Some 488s Over Possible Failure From Worn Out Brakes

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Ferrari is recalling a batch of 488s made during the 2016 model year, after the Italian automaker discovered a software error may occur if the supercar’s brake discs are worn out.


The recall covers 40 cars from the 2016 model year—39 488 GTB coupes, and one 488 Spider, according to Carscoops, made between June 2, 2015 and November 25, 2015. The issue could materialize unbeknownst to drivers.

As a statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration describes it, the brake discs on the affected cars could reach a “critical threshold” without the “relevant warning lamp and message” being delivered to the driver.

“If such condition happens, the worst-case scenario may increase the risk of an accident, due to the brake disc damage,” the NHTSA statement says. Ferrari discovered the issue after a thorough investigation that revealed a discrepancy between “estimated and actual wear of the brake discs during scheduled maintenance inspections of the vehicles,” according to the statement.

As Carscoops points out, the recall represents a fraction of Ferarri’s total sales in the U.S. Last year, the automaker sold 2,518 vehicles here. The 488 GTB was introduced in 2015 as a 3.9-liter turbocharged beast that delivers 660 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque, with the ability to gallop to 60 mph in three seconds. It marked the first mid-engine V8 turbo from Ferrari since the F40, Jalopnik reported at the time. The Spider came later that year, and has the same setup at the GTB, save for a folding hardtop.

Ferrari’s expected to notify owners within the next month of the issue, according to the NHTSA statement.


Authorized dealers will update the instrument panel node software for free, and owners could be eligible to receive reimbursement for the cost associated with the defect, so long as they sent the “original receipt and/or proof of other adequate payment” to Ferrari to confirm expenses, the statement says.

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At first I thought it was because people didn’t change their brake pads and rotors. But since it’s a software issue, I understand this recall.