This Is Your Moss-Filled Dystopian Tire Of The Future

In the future we will live in Mega Cities labeled by number. Also, cars will have tires filled with moss which is foretold to save the planet. Goodyear is putting itself forward as the purveyor of said saviors as it’s come up with its new moss filled tire, the “Oxygene.”

At the Geneva Auto Show, Goodyear announced their new concept which is a tire stuffed with moss and an open lattice design that will allow water from the roads to water the moss, but also allow sunlight to be asborbed by the moss to necessitate photosynthesis. This will have the plants take CO2 and produce oxygen to the air. Ya know, basic high school science stuff.

The concept “features a non-pneumatic construction providing a long lasting, puncture-free solution to extend the life of the tire,” according to Goodyear, which sounds a hell of a lot like a tweel, a completely airless tire that can’t deflate at all.


Sebastien Fontaine, Senior Industrial Designer for Goodyear says the tire will be for mega cities of ten million plus inhabitants, where you would have about 2,500,000 cars. I have included the trailer for the 2012 film Dredd (which is one of the best films I have probably ever seen) to show you how great mega cities are.

I, for one, am ready for the aliens to deliver their materials to us lowly humans so that we can ascend to a higher state of being and build these moss tires. But until then, I guess we have Goodyear.

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Wonder how well it stays in place at highway speeds, would imagine a lot of centrifugal force pulling on the areas further from the hub, in northern climates would road salt kill it all off, and how well does the moss tolerate the heat from some really toasty brakes?