This Cop Doesn't Mind You Doing A Wheelie Through The City

Screenshot: Nehemiah Nemo Holley (Facebook)

This video of a motorcyclist riding one long-ass wheelie through St. Louis has been floating around for a day or so. Since the clip opens with the bike next to a cop car, you might think it’s about to be skull-cracking time. But surprisingly the police appear to be uncharacteristically pro-wheelie here.

The Facebook video is tagged in St. Louis, MO, and the arch is pretty unmistakable on the side of the police Chevy Tahoe in the clip. We reached out to the St. Louis Police Department and its Public Information Division simply replied: “We are aware of the video. An internal investigation is currently underway.”


So I guess that means it wasn’t a parade or an officially sanctioned event. That would have been fun.

The video’s just titled “my city be tripping” and calls out (St. Louis area code) “#314”.


The police vehicle should be easy enough to identify, and I’d have to imagine whoever was driving it has already gotten a stern talking to. That, or this is just another staged viral marketing stunt we’re being subjected to. Seems like a lot of work to sticker up a Tahoe for 21 seconds of Facebook fame, though.

Behave yourselves out there, friends. Even if the cops encourage you not to.

Hat tip to Tom!

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We live in a world where a cop who gets caught on video being friendly is disciplined while others that get caught on video actually murdering people are unpunished.