Your Next Car Should Be Green

Hello readers, I know you see my name and think “Oh goody, Tom is here to drop some car buying wisdom on me.” And you would be right—while you should pay attention to all that math stuff I keep harping about, my most important tip is that your next car should be green.


You may have noticed that we have featured a few green cars on this fine website recently. Our man Andrew got to rock a green Aston Martin DB9 which he liked better than the newer and faster DB11. Do you know why the DB9 was better?

That’s right, it was green. Had the DB11 come in green, I bet Mr. Collins would have had a different opinion.

Our friend Jeff Glucker from Hooniverse also drove the new Audi RS5 in a stunning shade of green. It was an awesome car, mostly due to the fact that it was green. The Audi is available in other wonderful colors like Nardo Grey, but they are not as good as green.


If you like British cars like Mini Coopers, Land Rovers or Jaguars, the only real appropriate color is green. You could spend a small fortune on a fancy Porsche 911 in green, but you don’t have to.

It is possible to get a fun and fast car for a reasonable price in green, like the 2018 Volkswagen GTI.


Or maybe you are like the millions of car buyers who just want a practical family car. No problem! The Subaru Outback comes in Wilderness Green Metallic, for all your outdoor adventures.


“But I don’t like green,” you may be saying.

Nonsense! Green is good. It is good because it is not white or grey or silver. Blue is also a good color that I would consider acceptable. But blue is not green, and blue is still “mainstream.” You aren’t mainstream; you are different. Be different.


Your next car should be green.

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