With temperatures hovering in the mid 30s Fahrenheit, and a thin sheen of snow blanketing the grass around the circuit, vintage racers braved the weather at Goodwood to participate in the 76th annual Member’s Meeting vintage races. It’s always risky to take an expensive vintage race car out on the circuit, but this seems to raise the stakes a bit. Besides that, racing an open-cockpit car in those kinds of temperatures sounds just plain uncomfortable.  The racing continues through today, and the temperatures remain just above freezing, though without snow.


At least four morning sessions were held before the snow began to melt away and turned into rain later in the afternoon into the evening. Included in those sessions were the Hawthorn Trophy for 1950s Formula 1, the Derek Bell Trophy for later 1-liter F3 cars, the Salvadori Cup for 1950s sports prototypes, and the Caracciola Sportwagenrennen for pre-war open-toppers. Below, you can see highlights from all four of those snow-coated classes.

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