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Got a race coming up? You’ll definitely want to take a look at the track first. Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo just had the best recon lap ever for this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix: in the passenger seat of pro drifter Mad Mike Whiddett’s 1200-horsepower four-rotor turbo rotary-powered Mazda MX-5.

Click through to watch it on YouTube here if the video doesn’t play above.

Melbourne’s Albert Park Circuit is a pretty scenic place to start with, but we’re a bit more interested in the view under Mad Mike’s hood. His car is the “Radbul,” and features a twin-turbo four-rotor 26B-TT rotary engine. Speedhunters has a fascinating set of photos of this engine in Mad Mike’s old NC body here, if you’re curious.


Is this flame-spitting, F1-driver-scaring frankenbuild the best MX-5 ever made? Probably.

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