Joshua Vides is an artist best known for making real things look like drawings. He’s likely best known for his sneakers, which sure as hell look like drawings of sneakers. He’s also done porta-potties, street signs, rooms, and more, changing the look of reality into drawings. He’s got an exhibit at Los Angeles’ Seventh Letter gallery now, and the centerpiece of it is this incredible wrapped NSX.


The exhibit is called “Reality to Idea,” and Vides describes it like this:

“The idea is to highlight the initial sketches of ideas and concepts, bringing them to life. An ode to the napkin sketch and a reminder to not throw your ideas away.”

I like this concept a lot. Sometimes those rough initial sketches of an idea capture the essence better than the final product.

The NSX, having its windows, air intakes, lights, and everything else covered isn’t drivable in its current state, though perhaps with some subtle camera placement, it could be sort of possible.


Even so, it looks amazing, and if anyone is in the area, you should absolutely go see it in person, where the effect should be really strange and dramatic.

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