This Is What A Smoking 1970s Scientist Thinks What You Drive Says About You

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This is an odd little period video clip: it’s from Southern Methodist University’s collection of historical local news footage, and features a very, very 1970s researcher of some sort speculating about what sorts of people drive specific kinds of cars. Then it’s mostly quiet, with a lot of great 1976-era car footage.

There’s a surprisingly good variety of stuff in there, right? If this video was a blueberry muffin, the “muffin” part would be American cars like Ford LTDs, huge Buicks, Cadillacs, Plymouths and the like, while the “blueberries” would be the surprisingly varied imported cars that pop on the scene.


There’s a lot here, but keep an eye open for:

• Some nice old Volkswagen Beetles in the background

Two Porsche 914s

• A lovely convertible Porsche 356

• A Volvo 144

• A Cushman police three-wheeler

• A freaking Jensen-Healey!

• A Buick Skyhawk Monza

• oh, and a riding mower

Also, the dude in the cowboy hat and the extensively decorated car is awesome.

One other fun fact: the latter half of the clip is silent, because it’s missing the reporter’s audio. According to C.J., who sent this clip to us, you know who that reporter was? Bill O’Reilly. Yep, that guy.

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The smoking habits of the 1980s and prior never fail to astonish me. Smoke on a plane? Of course. In a restaurant? Obviously. While giving an interview? Why not!

And I say this as a former smoker (admittedly one that was very self-conscious of wayward cigarette smoke).